Friday, April 19, 2013

Paquette's Camp Update April 19th 2013

It seems like a never ending winter here, we  have had another 2 feet of snow in the last couple of weeks. It seems we have got a break this week, today we are only getting freezing rain and snow. The spring birds that have started coming back are not likley happy, the Robins will not be getting any worms any time soon and I don't think the birds are singing I think they are complaining.

 On the positive side we have been getting some firewood cut using the snowmobile and sleigh to haul it out and hope to get some more of that done this weekend. Also the water levels should be in good shape this spring, and i get a couple of extra weeks off before I can start my spring projects.

I have been using some of the extra time to help Sue's aunt and uncle with some house rennovations and will finish them next week. We also had time to go to Grand Rapids to my neice's wedding and my dad's 90th birthday last weekend. We had a great time at both, and will see much of the wedding party at the camp in July.

Once spring does break I will be busy getting things opened up, water on etc. and ready for guests. Some of the cabins will be getting new flooring  and roofing as time and weather allows, the materials are all here and waiting , hard to believe I was roofing on Easter weekend last year.

We look forward to the arrival of spring and starting to see old and new freinds again.

Paqeutte's Camp

Another storm

The snow just keeps coming, this latest storm on April 12th brought another 8 inches, the snow banks on the Esher road are as high as I have ever seen them.

Crows at the window

We have never had crows come to the bird feeders, they have come back for the spring but haven't found spring yet.

Party Time

Sometimes you just have to invite whoever is around for a party!

Cabin fever

Winter is starting to get long and the girls are ready to have guests again. Its getting pretty lonley when they have to start making their own!

Free Meal

This Eagle got its free meal for the day, it looks like it will be quite a while until there is open water so they can catch their own fish.

Feeding the Eagles

The Eagles are hungry when they first come back in the spring so whenever we have been fishing we take the carcasses out to them, They are usually fllying down from the trees for their meal when they hear the snowmobile coming.

Still Ice fishing

April 12th and we are still ice fishing , 2 days until Walleye fishing closes. I caught several Walleye before dark tonight.