Friday, May 25, 2012

Paquette's Camp had a first hand experience with the hot dry conditions, yesterday Sue noticed a lot of smoke and flames near the camp. A tree had fallen on the power lines starting a fire, only due to the early sighting of it and the quick action of all of us including the help of some of the customers were we able to put the fire out before it got too large. Had we not have been able to extinguish it we may have lost a couple of cabins! a helicopter and fire crew were on the scene very quickly to make sure everything stayed out.  Thanks to the help of everyone there was no damage done.

Thare are many large fires burning in the area now, they have had the highway to Timmins closed for almost a week now due to fires and have a couple of towns on alert in case they need to evacuate. The winds are about 35mph right now which really challenges getting the fires under control

Monday, May 21, 2012

Paquette's Camp update  May 21st, 2012

Paquette's Camp opend on Friday in conjunction with the opening of Walleye season.
The weather here has been everywhere, 3 days ago it was snowing and it was 90 degrees on Saturday for the Walleye opener, first time I have been out in shirtsleeves for it. I am usually in a snowmobile suit!  The fish did bite in the hot bright weather but were a bit slow, the weather has changed from 90 to 50 degrees overnight with rain this should improve things.

Along with the hot dry weather we have had there are quite a few forest fires going in Ontario right now. It has been so dry that there are fire bans on right now, so there is no campfires etc. until conditions improve, which could be good for Chad as he is working with a fire crew right now and is fighting a fire on Lake of the Woods. The rain we had last night may help but the lightning may have started more fires, sometimes you just can't win.

For all of you who remember Black Flies, they are out in force right now we were even driven off the lake by them the other night.  they do get the animals out and about though, we have been seeing many Moose and Bear in the last couple of weeks. It is a great time for wildlife veiwing, there was even a bear in the yard last week.

I plan on having fresh fish on a regular basis now , hope some of you can come and join me!

Paquette's Camp
While fishing recently we stopped to take a look at this ole wooden boat, don't think I want to take it for a ride but it was interesting to see!
They're keeping fresh until supper time, can't be beat directly from the water to the frying pan.
The Northern Pike were biting as well as the Small Mouth and Walleye!
The Black Flies have the Moose on the move, drive carefully!
Can you find the Black Bear in this picture, with the fresh green grass and the
Black Flies both out in force we have been seeing a lot of Bear and Moose in the last couple of weeks.
The Walleye were biting on the opening day, kept enough for my supper tonight.
Brad was fishing the day before Walleye opening asnd was happy with the nice Small Mouth Bass that were caught, Hopefully there will be Walleye tomorrow!