Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Almost Winter

Wangoon Lake is just freezing over, This is the latest that I remember there still being open water. Tomorrow starts December, mabye it will be completely frozen by then,

A little bit of everything

I have a bit of a mixed bag of fur drying here, There is a Lynx, a Fox, a Marten, and a Mink, and a Beaver.

Beavers ready for sale

There are 70 Beavers in this picture, it takes about 1 hour to skin and stretch each one, and that doesn't count the time involved in catching the animal. Hope the prices are good.

What are they

Do you know what these furs are?

Trapping is underway

Now that the camp is closed for the winter I have started trapping, there are about 70 beavers, 2 Lynx, a few Martens, and a Fisher in this picture, there is more in the shed drying now.