Monday, February 24, 2014

Paquette's Camp update Feb 24, 1014

     I almost hated to post winter pictures because people everywhere have had lots of winter this year with many places having much more snow and bad weatherthan we have had.  We do not have all that much snow here, although everywhere around us has lots.  We have had an extremely cold windy winter this year.  I have plowed snow more times because of the wind this winter ( 3 times  Saturday to keep up with the drifts) than I have due to snow. Everyone's firewood supply here is running low and Emily and I have been going out on snowshoes and cutting to resuppy everyone, we are on top of it now and getting started on next winters wood. Of course it is supposed to be back in the -30s the rest of the week so maybe I just think that we are caught up.

    There is not to much going on here other than the cold , I have been smart enough not to be out stuck in that slush with the snowmobile, I had enough experience with that last year to last a life time, or maybe I am just getting older and wiser !

   I am going to start some rennovations in a couple of cabins as soon as the weather breaks and allows me to, but that may be a while. In the mean time I am keeping busy working at the local ski hill, there seems to be kids there no matter what the weather is. I also hope to get some ice fishing in as it warms a bit, hard to believe but I have only fished twice this winter and am eager to get out there but not giong out in -30s and windy.

Hope that winter ends for everyone soon! 
Looking forward to SPRING

Take Care


More Snow than Firewood


I wish that the pile of firewood was as high as the pile of snow, maybe the wood pile will outgrow the snow pile in  time, but probably not as fast as I would like.

Snow or Ice ?

Wangoon Lake in the winter, hard to tell if it is snow or ice, but once you get below the snow there is about 3 feet of ice!

Sigh of winter.

We had to shovel a hole in the snowbank so that the railroad sign is visible. The snow banks are getting high!

Replenishing the stock

As you can see one of our winter projects has been to start to replenish the wood supply , both piles are firewood just one was cut a bit earlier and has been covered in snow.

Long Cold Winter.

The wood shed should not be empty until spring, but with the long cold winter it is already empty.