Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Paquette's Camp

Bird Feeder Guest

When I opened the bird feeder to fill it the  other day, there were 2 Flying Squirrels sitting in the bottom of it. They may have thought that they went to heaven, food and shelter both in one place and protection from the cats.  Our bird feeders often double as cat feeders.

When things go wrong

This train car flipped on its side just down the tracks from the camp. Lucky it was the only car to go off the tracks, it was right in the middle of the train so there was part of the train on each end of the car when it went off.  They were slowing down to stop or it probably would have been worse.

It was a car hauler, too bad it was empty mabye I could have gotten a new vehicle!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Paquette's Camp update Dec 2nd 2012

Winter is about to set in , although it does not feel like it today with temps. above freezing and the same for the next couple of days. I am hoping that it will stay winter then, we have had a few false starts so far.

 I  have been busy the last couple of weeks getting my fur ready for shippment, the first shippment is ready. Once winter has really set in and the lakes are good to take the snowmobile on I will start trapping again and of course ice fishing. I hoped to go today but checked the ice yeaterday, might not fall through, but then again I might. I was in the cold water up to my waist once this fall already, I got out of the boat while I was trapping and guess I did not put the anchor out on the boat and looked back and it was floating away. I had to go into the water about waist deep and just was able to get ahold of the boat, the next step would of been over my head. If I would not have been able to get it back I would have been spending the night  in the bush wet and in freezing temps. The worst part is if I did not come back that night Sue would have sent search and rescue out for me and the first thing they would have found is an empty boat floating around Windemere lake. It would have been worse for everyone looking for  me than myself, I would have been sitting beside a fire, of course I would have been there  for at least a day by that time.  You can bet everytime I got out of the boat after that I put the anchor out.

We have been cutting firewood again, which seems to be a never ending job, the other day there were fires going in 5 different buildings which seems to use a lot of wood. the cutting is good right now because there is not much snow yet.  I have the snowmobiles ready for when it comes though.

I was in the states for Thanksgiving there ( it is in October here) and enjoyed seeing most of my family and of course eating way too much. I also enjoyed filling the vehicle up with your cheap gas!
Yes I said CHEAP, it is about 5.50 per gallon here.

I have been working at the local ski hill the last couple of winters and need to get in there and get a few things done there so that when there is enough snow it will be ready to open. I am sure that kids are biting at the bit for it to be open, that will keep me busy about 30 hrs per week once open.

Hope that everyone there is ready for winter and can get out  and enjoy it.

Paquette's Camp

Pay off time

It is time to ship this fur to the fur auction, and see if all my time and effort has paid off, hope that this shippment will bring an excess of 3500.00.

Lynx ready to go

These Lynx are ready to ship, I have a few others as well.


For those of you who do not know what a Fisher looks like , here is what they look like ready to market.

Marten furs

These are some of the Marten ready to ship, the forcast is that the prices should be good for them this year.

Ready for Shipping

Ths is what a beaver looks like after is is skinned and dried, it is now ready to ship to the fur auction.

Almost Ice

The ice is slowly creeping across Wangoon Lake, shouldn't be long before I can be ice fishing!