Monday, May 12, 2014

Paquette's Camp Update May 12th 2014

Looks like Spring may be here, the ice will be totally off the lake in a couple of days, all the ducks, loons and most of the spring birdsare back! It has ben quite a spring to try to get things opened up around the Camp, When I went to hook up some of the water today I found out that the well was frozen, with some hot water and a few choice words I was able to thaw it and get the water running in the showerhouse. I will try getting water hooked up other place as the week progresses.

The road has been an ongoing concern this spring , it has washed out a couple times due to frozen culverts and may go again tomorrow if we get any amount of rain, but the muddy parts have gotten much better.

Of course by the end of the week it is supposed to be in the low 40's, sounds like great weather for opening of Walleye season, too cold to fish and cold enough that the Walleye have not spawned yet.
Hopefully it will warm up fast now, and the fish will bite.

I will be opening in about a week for another season. Hope to see you soon.

Paquette's Camp

May 12th

May 12th and the ice is out in the bay in front of the Camp, but you can see it is still hanging on out further. The Loons are even back, maybe spring is here!

May 11th

May 11th and the ice is on its way out !

May 10th

May 10th andthe ice looks like it is on its way out.

May 8th

Bright sunny day but still ice.

May 7th

Looks a lot like May 6th ! Still Ice!

May 6th

The ice is looking a little worse but still here!

May 5th

May 5th and the snow is off the road but still on the sides.

May 4th

May 4th and a small creek down the road is ice free and a Beaver is out for a swim after a long winter under the ice.

May 2nd

Still Ice May 2nd   Walleye season opens on the 17th, will the ice be gone?

May 1st Still Ice

Thereis still about 2 ft of ice on Wangoon Lake on May 1st