Saturday, December 24, 2011

Camp Update for Christmas

Merry Christmas to all, we will be having a white Christmas here. Hope that the Christmas season finds everyone well and healthy. It is pretty quiet around the camp now, I have just finshed up renovations in our house and am ready to take some time for ice fishing . It may not look like it but there is about 7 inches of ice here, although not much snow. The snowmobiles are out and the fishing gear is ready.

My trapping is wound up until we get more snow and I can get around with the snowmobile easier, and my work at the ski hill is at a standstill because of lack of snow as well. I guess we still have lots of time for winter, but it is slow coming this year.

Once again this winter we will be doing work to improve walleyspawn areas, the pile of stone is sitting in the yard and ready, this will likley be done in Mach some time , the stone will be hauled out by snowmobile and sleigh and placed on the lake to fall into place as the ice melts.
I was skeptical the first time we did it this way, but it works well and is much easier than taking the stone all out by boat.

Hoping the New Year is good to everyone,

Paquette' s Camp

Fixing the star

Chad volunteered to climb the tree and retrieve the tools I left at the top while repairing the Christmas Star, glad I did not have to go up again!

That's a big Cat

this gives you an idea of the size of a small Lynx, a large male will be half again as large.


This is the 5th Lynx I have caught for the year, hope to get a couple of more sometime after Christmas.