Sunday, May 12, 2013

Is it Really Spring

I woke up to about a foot of snow this morning, can not believe it is May 12th1

Paquette's Camp update May 12th 2013

   Only 5 days until the camp is open for the spring and we wake up to a foot of snow! What a kick in the teeth!  The weather has been nice for the last week, the ice went out a few days ago and I have been busy getting the camp ready for spring, It is still to cold to hook water up to the cabins  without having it freeze at night. I have been able to get some renovations done in most of the cabins and they are ready to go except of water and spring cleaning which was going to start tomorrow but will have to wait a couple of days due to the snow storm!
Spring has been slow coming!
With all the snow this winter we have had flooding problems in the area with highways closed on and off for the last couple of weeks, a couple of my docks are floating and they are not floating docks!The good news is that anyone coming next weekend will not have Black Flies to deal with as they will be a bit later this year and the weather man says near 70 degrees F for next weekend.
Happy Mothers Day to everyone!

Heavy on the Trees

May 12th and the snow is hanging heavy on the trees!

May 12th Snow Storm

The snow is deep enough this morning that the truck is dragging bottom on going out the road!
Most of the highways in the area are closed and most of the plows have been decomissioned fot the summer, guess we will have to wait for it to melt! Only 5 days before opening day at the camp!

May 12

I woke up to a snow storm this morning, as of 4:00 this after noon we have gotten about a foot of snow. Happy Mothers Day!

Ice out

May 9th and the ice is completely gone!

Ice out.

May 8th  and the ice is still on its way out.

Ice Out

May 7th and the ice is on its way out.

Still Ice

May 4th and there is still enough ice to take the 4-wheeler on the ice!