Friday, September 30, 2011

Nice Shot

Dan made a nice shot on this moose, It went down where it stood, not a bad moose for Dan's first Moose, and with a bow to boot!

More of the gang

Good time for a picture, they will look a bit more tired after they haul this one out.

Proud Hunter

Dan looks quite happy with his Bull, but who wouldn't be!

Archery hunters are successful

Dan shot this Bull on the 2nd day of their hunt.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Paquette's Camp update Sept. 13, 2011

Fall is here, we have had a couple of hard frosts here last week, and even a few snow flakes!
The leaves have turned colors and are starting to fall, it is a great time of year.

The Bear hunters have come and gone, of the 3 hunters this year, Steve shot the first bear at about 175 pounds , Dan followed shortly after with a bigger bear and Darrel finished up with the biggest bear at about 275 pounds, he also had to hunt the longest for one, but the wait paid off!

We are still fishing, but that will be winding down soon. Archery Moose hunters will be here in about a week and 1/2 and I hope to have some pictures of Moose to show you then.

Hope everyone has s beautiful fall

Paquette's Camp

Veiw from cabin 7

We added a new deck to cabin 7 this year, as you can see it gives you a great veiw!

Tara with a big Small Mouth Bass

While the guys are out bear hunting, the women are out catching supper!

Steve with his first bear

Steve traveled all the way from Texas to get his first Bear, There is some stories about the hunt, just call him CLICK!

Worth waiting for

You can tell by the head on this bear that it is a nice sized bear!

Congratulations Darrell!

Darrell with a nice bear

Darrell was the last of the Bear hunters this year and ended the huunt with this nice 275 pound bear!