Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paquette's Camp update Nov. 13, 2013

Fall has been very wet, the rain has not stopped of course until it turned to snow. but it is supposeed to turn back to rain the next couple of days.  It has been one of the wettest falls I remember, the water is everywhere and all the lakes and streams are full. It hias been difficult to get anything done outside. The Lake was partially frozen over this morning and winter is close at hand.

    Trapping has been slow this year, possibly the wet cold spring has decreased the number of animals in the bush, I am getting plenty of Beavers and the Lynx population looks good, but the smaller animal numbers seem to be down. I am sort of between trapping from the boat and waiting for things to freeze up so I can get on the lakes with the snowmobile. I went out last weekend to look at a couple of traps on a small lake and had a very hard time getting the boat thru the ice, I sheared t 2 pins on the prop. and made sure I pulled the traps out  because it is the last time I can get to them until the ice is good.

     I am ready for winter to set in I think I would rather see the snow now than more rain, like I said there is water everywhere , looks like spring levels right now. Of course if all the rain turns to snow it could be a hell of a winter, but the snow plow and snowblower are ready and the wood shed is full.
I would say think spring but I want to enjoy the winter.

Think Winter.


A mix of rain and snow.


We have a mix of rain and snow today, makes for a sloppy mess.

The Ice is coming

You can see the ice about 1/2 way across the lake, I know that the water is cold as I fell into a Beaver pond a while ago while trying to get a trap out of the ice, at least the water was only a couple of feet deep.

Mink and Marten

I have a few Mink and Marten to take care of this morning, If prices hold where they were last year these should bring about 900.00

A little fur

I have been spending the week in my workshop preparing fur for an upcoming sale.  Trapping has been slow this year, I have gotten 46 Beavers, 2 Otters , 1 Lynx, 5 Marten 5 Mink and a few Muskrats.  Waiting for the lakes to freeze up and then I will set some more traps.

Almost Ice

Nov. 12th and I watched as the ice came across the lake, by evening it was totally frozen, supposed to be warmer the next few days and may open back up.

Winter is here

Looks like winter is here, and if it is starting now it may be a long one.