Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kayak Fishing

Zack caught this Northern Pike while fishing from a kayak, what a fun way to fish. Too bad Dad didn't have as much luck.

Wangoon Wildlife

The Beavers seem to be getting ready for winter, cutting and storing food. Let's hope winter is still a ways off and the Beavers don't know what they are doing.

Zack, with the Fish of a Lifetime

On a recent trip to Paquette's Camp with his family Zack caught this 42 inch 20lb Northeren Pike while fishing one of the many lakes in the area. Uncle Steve did a great job of landing the fish for him without a net in the boat.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dave and Amo enjoy another trip to Paquette's Camp

Sunset over Wangoon Lake

What a veiw to end the day!

First Walleye

Brian catches a nice Walleye considering that it is his first time Walleye fishing!

Another nice Walleye

Dave with one of his many Walleyes from a recent days fishing!

Time for a Break

It is always nice to take a break from sitting in the boat, and this looks like a good spot to do it!

I love it

David thought he had a nice Walleye on the line only to find out that there are Suckers here too!
Guess the only thing to do is kiss it for luck.