Sunday, August 21, 2011

Paquette's Camp Update August 20,2011

Can not believe fall is almost here, we had a great week this past one. Ryan and Michael-Ann ,Sue's oldest son and his girlfriend from Alberta were here for the week along with the rest of the kids and some neices and nephews. We got in some great fishing trips, campfires and reminising. It was a tiring week but so worth it!

I have been putting out bait for the Bears, there will be hunters here on Saturday, and they can not come soon enouogh. The Bears are eating me out of house and home. The hunters should have an excellent hunt. Look for pictures in the next couple of weeks.

Seems like the year has flown by and I find myself trying to finish up projects before we start waking up to frosty mornings, still some painting and staining to finish up that we need nice weather for. We also have a few old buildings to come down, that should make quite a camp fire.

School will start soon here , Sue still has 2 weeks left but that time will go quickly.

Hope that everyone's summer eases into fall smoothly,

Paquette's Camp

Message to Joe


We finally got to you and Alex's lake this week, we didn't even loose a prop.

Fishing sucked! It wasn't just you.

Pike and Walleye combo

The boys have a nice catch today, note the rain gear looks like the perfect day for fishing for Walleye

Dan with a big Pike

While fishing one of the nearby lakes while staying at Paquette's Camp Dan caught this nice fish1

Julie lands a Pike

Julie lands her first Pike without a net. Remember Julie, tell the school you need a week off next summer we don't want you to miss the trip next year!

Enjoying the evening

What a spot to enjoy the quiet of the evening overlooking Wangoon Lake.

Just wide enough

Are you sure there is a lake at the end of this, if it gets any narrower we won't be able to get thru.

We did get thru and the fishing was great!

Just the begining

I h ope everyone will still be smiling at the end of the day, it will include portages and a creek about as wide as the canoe with about 90 turns. Anything to catch a fish ah!

In the boat

Ryan I and Michael-ann with the results of our Walleye fishing day.

Their in the weeds

It pays to fish the weed beds, Ryan catches another one out of the weeds!

Look at the hook set on this one

Ryan sets the hook on another fish, only time will tell if he gets it to the boat. It won't be the first or the last one to the boat today!

Michael-anne with some nice Walleyes

Not bad for about an hours fishing , fresh Walleye for supper tonight!

What a catch

You can either laugh at the size of the fish or you can be in awe of the fishermans ability to be able to feel one this size bite.

Kevin knows how to catch them

Dad still can not catch the big one, his son caught one and his buddy Kevin caught one. At least Steve has the camera to run. Mabye next year!

Too bad dad can not catch one this big

Eat your heart out dad, this one is mine

Friday, August 5, 2011

A message for Joe T.

Sorry I have not made it to T. lake yet , will let you know when I do.

Nobody Home

Looks like the Beavers are not home right now but the Gulls are making use of the resting place. Looks like a good place to cast into for a Pike.

Catch of the Day

While on a recent fishing trip to Paquette's Camp Shelly caught her biggest Pike ever, of course she was using her favorite Rapala just like always. She kept up toDave and I with the Walleye's that day as well. Nice fish Shelly!

A little sideways

Dave is sitting a little sideways, but the fish is in the right position to swim away, which it did right after the picture. Nice Bass Dave!

Northern Pike Fishing

John with a nice Pike, thanks again for the pictures John.

Do you know what kind of fish these are

These are a couple of nice Whitefish, a favorite dish in many restaurants. They were caught in Wangoon Lake!

Good Fishing

Nice catch, thanks to John Dawes and group for the pictures.

Bull Moose

This is the type of wildlife we never tire of seeing, he will be a monster by fall.

Hope he moves

Looks like a stand off, don't know who will move first, any bets