Monday, March 5, 2012

Paquette's Camp update March 4 2012

We are back to about a normal winter with snowfall this year, although we have not had a very cold winter, with this morning being one of the coldest at 35 below !

I have finished up my trapping for the year, and suprisingly the fur prices were better than expected with an overall increase of about 30% from last year.

I have not been ice fishing much, but hope to be on a more regular basis now with spring getting closer and myself getting hungrier for fish.

We have another Walleye spawing bed improvement to work on before the ice starts to get thinner, we will be hauling stones by snowmobile and placing them on the ice in predetermined locations to fall thru when the ice melts and improve the spawning beds in those areas. This should keep the fishing good for the future.

Spring is getting closer and I am taking reservations for this summer, the Moose and Bear hunt are currently filled.

Paquette's Camp

More winter

The snow is halfway up the door on cabin 1, time to start thinking spring!

Looks like winter

The snow is pileing up !

Snowed in

Even the snowmobile got snowed in with the last storm Saturday, it is 35 below right now, I will try to dig it out when it warms up a bit.

Waiting for Spring

Yes there is a row of boats under the snow, we have been getting winter here the last week or so with lots of snow.