Thursday, January 20, 2011

Paquette's Camp Update Jan. 20,2011

I can not believe Christmas has already come and gone. The New Year came in with very mild weather, there was about 6 inches of water on top of the ice on Jan. 1st. It was even too wet to get out fishing. Of course right now we are in a deep freeze, supposed to be in the minus 30s for the next week, even had the water frozen inside yesterday morning. (too cold for fishing now)
Hope to have some pictures of fish for you soon, and some for the frying pan.

As winter settles in we are looking for things to keep us active, I have about wrapped up my trapping, and there is not enough snow to open the ski hill yet. We have made a skating rink on the lake and made cross country ski trails around the lake. Chad and I spend quite a bit of time on the snowmobiles and of course time repairing them as well.

Just before Christmas Sue hit a moose while we were coming home from town, kind of scarry when you see a moose laying on top of your hood and coming toward the windsheid. We were fortunate we were going slow after seeing the first Moose and it did not make it to the windsheild. For hitting a Moose the damage was not bad and no one got hurt. Even the Moose got up and walked away, the least it could have done was to let me put it in the freezer.

The Minstery of Natural Resources was out on snowmobiles today. They had a load of rocks dumped in my front yard this fall to use for improving Walleye spawing beds on the lake.
We went across the lake to look at the areas where we want to make the improvements and will be hauling rocks across the ice and placing them in position on top of the ice. When the ice melts in the spring the rock should all be in place before the spawn.

Spring is just around the corner and people are starting to think about fishing. I don't want to rush winter but it is nice to have people starting to book their summer fishing trips.

Hope everyone is having a good winter!

Paquette' s Camp

Moon going down over Wangoon Lake

Watching the moon go down, looks like a beautiful morning even though it is 30 below this morning.

Sunrise on a 30 below morning

Hope that the sun will warm things up this morning it is colder than #***
right now.

Time for winter activities

Winter has set in, it is time to get the skating rink in place. The first order of buisness is to get it plowed off. It's been cold, lots of ice for the truck.

Finished product

The skating rink is finally finished!

Fooding a Rink Canadian Style

You don't need summer to use a boat and motor, if you cut a hole in the ice for The motor the prop wash will flood a skating rink in a very short time.

The motor does start a bit hard in 30 below weather though, and you better take the motor inside where it is warm before you use it a second time!

And that is how it's done

Don't think I can go far with the boat, it's too cold for a boat ride anyway!