Friday, June 24, 2011

Is there a Bear in there

I don't think that there is bear in this cave, Terry is not moving fast enough!

New Deck

Cabin 2 now has a new deck for your enjoyment.

Nice day good fishing

Chuck and Terry with a nice catch.

Nice Bear

This large Black Bear was sighted near Paquette's Camp while the guys were up on their annual fishing trip. The wildlife veiwing was good , with many bear and moose being seen throught out the week.

Cow Moose

We never get tired of seeing Moose, does not matter wether it is a cow or bull they are all quite a sight!

Just an average fish

Terry with another Northern Pike, are we having fun yet?

Mirror image of Wangoon Lake

It does not get much calmer than this, not the best for fishing but great for pictures!

Does it get any better!

Of course it is the guy looking away from the camera that caught the fish, come on Moose this fish is nothing to be ashamed of.

Posing for a picture

Dennis and his fishing buddies, hope to see you all again next year, of course I will be seeing most of you again in August!

Moose with the FISH of the week

Moose (not his real name) shows off his 20 pound Pike, caught in an unamed lake near Paquette's Camp.

Chuck looking happy

Looks like Chuck will eat good tonight, sure after this catch he is looking forward to returning in August. Look forward to seeing you then

Nice Catch

Terry had a nice mix of Walleye and Northern Pike while on a recent trip to Paquette's Camp

Paquette's Camp update June 24, 2011

We are well into the season here now and things are going well. The weather has been cold and wet, we went from 85 degrees one day to frost that night, however the fish are still biting. I have been building decks on cabin 2 and cabin 7 this week,trying to keep up on the lawn , get the garden in, and of course knowing how short the summer can be working on the wood pile. The kids must be bored or tired of the cold weather and trying to warm up, they are coming up with projects like a makeshift sauna. I was impressed with their work on it and especially how well it worked, and the fact that they did not burn themselves moving the hot rocks into it.
(You never know what may happen at Paquette's Camp)

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Not what it looks like

No this is not a tent, the kids decided they needed a sauna, so they built a tempary one. Rocks are being heated on the fire as the construction continues.

The makeshift sauna...not complete yet; we found an old canvas tent to put on top of it. Kids: don't try this at home!

Cold Beer on a Cold day

Our campfire must not be warm enough, still need winter clothes and gloves to be warm.

Heating up the Sauna

Rocks are being moved from the fire outside to inside the make shift sauna,

Hope it works

Dressed for winter weather or swimming weather, who knows

The sauna must work well...this crazy guy's out in the lake while Sue's wearing her winter gear (and her toque, eh)

Cow Moose

We never tire of seeing the wildlife here, this Moose was just off the road on the way into Paquette's Camp

Another fish for Logan

Logan is having a good day , this is just one of several he has caught today.

Look at the bend in that rod

Logan has a fish on ,the question is wether he will land it or not.

Two at a time

Fishing was good, this is not the first time that day we were catching them 2 or 3 to a time.

Geoff catches a nice fish

Goeff caught this nice Northern Pike on a recent trip to Paquette's Camp, note that he is holding it out so that it looks bigger than it really is.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Paquette,s Camp update June 2, 2011

Spring is finally here and we are open for buisness again. The ice went off the lake on May 8th, and the weather turned nice for a few days then. Along with the nice weather it also brought the Bears out and we had one that was a bit too freindly and had to be trapped and relocated. It is nice not to get woken up in the middle of the night by it now.

The first group of fishermen were here last week and had a good week, with decent weather and some nice fish. Everyone here this week has been fighting the wind and hardly able to fish. The wind has finally stopped this morning, I have boats sunk at the docks, things tipped over all over the camp, but at least no trees down. I think I can get the boatsd out today and get things cleaned back up.

I went out with the Ministery of Natural Resources to look at the improvements that were made to the Walleys Spawing Beds, it was nice to see that there were fish spawning in all of the areas we worked on. Hopefully we can make more improvements this coming winter (not that I want to rush winter) .

To all those coming up in the next week, the Black Flies are Out.

Paquette's Camp

Spring is here, and so are the Bear

This bear was on our deck the last 3 nights, and starting to be a problem, he is caged and ready to be relocated now. Mabye we can get some sleep tonight.

Dale with a nice Walleye

Dale has bragging rights, with this opening week Walleye

Fishing Season is once again open

The first group of the year found some nice Walleye. Dale with the catch of the evening.