Friday, July 22, 2011

Paquette's Camp update July 22, 2011

It's hard to believe the season is 1/2 over already, everything at the camp is going well. We are just on our way out of a very hot week,(just like much of the rest of Canada and the U.S.) the temperatures are supposed to go back th the 70's tomorrow. The fishing remained good throughout the hot weather, it was just a bear to stay in the boat very long at a time.

Between fishing etc. I have finished a new deck on my house and am working on improving some of the decks on the cabins. It has been too warm to get into too the projects very hard , with it cooling off I hope to be back at it this week.

This will be Emily's last year of working at the camp, she will be back in school the begining of August and be finished in the spring, she will be hard to replace.

Sue is enjoying her time off from school, we are trying to take some time for fishing etc. for ourselves while she is off, summer will be over before we know it!

Enjoy the rest of the summer.

Paquette's Camp

Big Fish

Shawn is pretty proud of this fish, doesn't look like it will win the big fish award though!

Livley fish

Looks like this Northern Pike is fighting right to the end, probably does not realize that

he will be released soon.

Shawn catches his first Walleye

Not a bad fish for Shawn's first ever Walleye. Congratulations Shawn, bet your 2nd one will be smaller!

Another one enters the boat

This mystery fisherman catches another nice Walleye!

End of the Day

The day ends with a beautiful sunset over Wangoon Lake, what a way to see the day wain into night, it just doesn't get any better than this!

The night begins

After a beautiful day the moon is coming up full , looks like it is time to kick back and enjoy the night.

Fish of the day

You have to be a pretty good at fishing to feel one this size bite, congratulations on your Big Fish Jane

Lunch Time

Jane and David stop for lunch, Ed is behind the camera, Can you think of a nicer spot to enjoy your lunch?

Will it work

David is going to try his Fish Call, looks kind of fishy to me but who knows it may work!

Fish call Works

Note the fish call around David's neck, looks like it works!

Mark's Adventure

Mark and his group had a great time on their annual trip to Paquette's Camp, too bad the only picture I have of them is at one of their mishap moments. While going on an adventure to a nearby lake Mark got a little bit stuck! He said the fishing was worth it and he will remember the adventure.

Nice eaters

Looks like Wangoon Lake produced supper again, Bill and his family will never go hungry here!


Bill and Ron

quit competing for the fish and work together to bring home this nice batch of fish. Jean in the background will probably do the frying.

Good Bass

Bill just won't quit with the big fish, he got his Big Walleye, so now he goes for a Big Small Mouth Bass

Not to be outdone.

Not to be outdone by his father-in-law , Bill lands this nice 8 lb. Walleye. It was released after pictures, so that someone else can have the enjoyment of catching it.

Thanks Bill

Ron with a nice Walleye

Ron is having a great time at Paquette's Camp, this is just one of the nice fish he caught while here!