Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Paquette's Camp Update March 19, 2013

With spring starting in a few days it certainly does not feel like it here, the snow just doesn't seem to stop, we got about 12 inches last week and about 4 inches on the ground this morning and still snowing. The temps have stayed on the cool side as well with the temp at -26 yesterday morning.
Guess I will be ice fishing for a while yet. at this time last year the ice was not safe to go on and I was fishing out of a boat on March 31st.Of course last year was the earliest spring on record, normal ice out is early May.

Everyone here is looking forward to spring and getting the camp opened back up. I have a few projects that I need to get done as well as the normal opening procedures. At the present I am still working at the local ski hill and it looks like it will remain open until Easter ,I think at that time they will close it snow or not. The kids are not tired of skiing yet but all of the volenteers that keep the place open are getting tired. I know I am.

Thanks to all the people that keep in contact throughout the winter it certainly helps the winters (especially the long ones like this one)  go by better.


Can't Wait

Tammy sent me this picture of her Granddaughter, looks like she can not wait for her trip back to Paquette's Camp again this year!

Yes we are still here.

Paquette's Camp is closed in the winter but we are still here and looking forward to opening again in the spring!

Cabin 2

No this is not a window , the snow is almost half way up the sliding glass doors on Cabin 2, and it has been shoveled out once earlier this winter!

Double Stacked

The boats and canoes almost look like they are double stacked with all the snow on them.

Supposed to be Spring

With spring just around the corner it sure doesn't feel like it. It feels more like Christmas time so we turned the Christmas lights back on!


The snow just keeps coming, we got about 12 inches last week and there is another 4 on the ground this morning.Can you find the picnic table, there is about 3 feet of snow on top of it besides what is on the ground..you can also see the top of a 55 gallon barrel the snow is right to the top of it.

Digging in to the Wood Pile

It has been a long cold winter and our wood pile is dissapearing fast, we have had to start literally digging into next years supply.


It looks like Jane is the only one around for miles, actually there are 4 of us around, the other 3 are in sitting around a nice fire. We are the only ones around for miles though, just us and the fish!

Happy Dog

Snoopy is delighted to have one of her favorite treats, for those of you that can not tell what it is, it is a Beavers Tail. Dogs just seem to love them.

What a Sunset

This picture was taken while we were ice fishing on Wangoon Lake, the fishing was slow that evening but what a sunset. It was worth being on the lake just for that!

Ice Fishing

My nephew David caught this nice Northern Pike while on a visit the first of March, note the fancy tip up. The line is tied to the tree branch, when you see the branch move you have a bite. This was  one of several fish caught that day.