Friday, July 30, 2010

Camp update for July 30th

This weeks update is dedicated to all the bloopers and troubles people had this week.
Number one on the blooper list is ( sorry I can not use his name but his initials are S. V.B )
He forgot he was pulling a boat trailer while backing up, nice job flipping the boat though. Well at lease no damage done. Make sure you go into older posts to see the pictures!

Denny makes number 2 spot, he started by burying his truck in the lake when his 4 wheel drive didn't work and finished by driving his truck into a big hole the next day. He found out you can do more than fix a flat tire with a jack, it saved the day both times!

Number 3 spot goes to Julie. Julie, you have to hold on to the rod when you cast they just don't swim very well. Another rod and reel goes to its watery grave.

There are also a couple of honorary mentions, Dave fell out of his chair and broke a rod, someone else (name withheld) found out how fast is too fast on the road, and came in with a speeding ticket, and another incident I agreed not to share.

Other than these things there was an engine blown in a truck on the way up and I finished up the night last night by going to pick Chad up with a broke down quad.

Everyone comming next week should have a great time, all the bad luck was used up this week.

Overall the week went very good, nice weather, the fishing was good and no one let the little problems affect their week

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Dave with a nice Wangoon Walleye

Dave caught this Walleye on a recent trip, He and Shelly both have birthdays and an aniversary while they are, Happy Birhtday to both.

Dave with a Bass caught in Wangoon Lake

Nice Bass Dave, looks like you still have 2 fishing rods in this picture, careful one will be broken by the end of the week!

Nice fish Vince

Looks like Vince has caught another nice Walleye

The Bass sure get big in Wangoon Lake

Denny redeeming himself from the blooper of the week, getting his truck stuck twice in 2 days.

Vince with another huge Wangoon Bass

Vince can not only catch nice Walleye's looks like he can find the not so small Small Mouth as well.

Was I really in that hole

Good thing Denny had the experience of using a jack to get his truck out yesterday, knowing how to use it sure came in handy today. Once he had the truck jacked up out of the hole they were able to build their own bridge to get out.

What just happened

Blooper number 1, someone forgot that they had a boat and trailer behind them, they don't back up so good when you jack knife them. Name withheld to save embarasment.

Monday, July 19, 2010

David and his trophy

David showing off his moose antler his Uncle and Cousins found while on the snowmobiles at Christmas time.

Paquette's Camp update for July 19th

The weather has been warm enough that the kids are out in the lake playing, water is great and the fishing has been good. Don, Jim and Joe (who have been coming to the camp for many years) said they had a really good week of fishing and the best Small Mouth Bass fishing of their lives.

Dan and his family have been spending time fishing, tubing, berry picking and enjoying the campfires.

My sister Jane, her husband Ed and my nephew David were here this week. I think David's highlight of the trip was the huge moose antler he was able to take home with him. Mine was being able to spend some time fishing with my sister and spending time around the many campfires.

Kevin, Terry and their boys were here for their 2nd week and said time goes way too fast!

All in all it has been a good week!

Dan and grandchildren out for some fun

Dan took advantage of the nice weather to take the kids tubing. Are we having fun yet!

Hey Wait its My Turn

Ellie and Mike wait(mabye not so paitently) for their turn behind the boat.

Dan Gersper with a nice Bass

After Dan finished taking the grandchildren on rides behind the boat he went out looking for their supper. Looks like he was successful.

On the lookout for minnows

This Blue Heron came in for a nights foraging for its evening meal

Time to call it a night

One of the many beautiful sunsets over Wangoon Lake, what a way to relax and enjoy the end the day

Jim, Joe and Don with a nice catch of Small Mouth Bass

These guys had a good day of fishing on one of their many trips to Paquette's Camp

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Paquette's Camp update for July 10th

Things at the camp are running smoothly, other than a thunderstorm that took place at the begining of the week and put my internet out again for the remainder of the week. Looks like a mixed bag for weather this week,it calls for severe thunderstorms today and then back and forth all week. Chad is back working now, Sue is busy with another course and I will be guiding most of the week. We had a fish fry at the camp Thursday in honor of Drew Pooley's birthday(HAPPY BIRTHDAY DREW!. His family and freinds supplied all the fish,as well as the setup and cooking - it seemed nice to be on the sidelines for this one. I'm sure I will be back to cooking fish again.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Chuck and his supper

Looks like Chuck had a good day on his mid June trip, hope they bite as well in August.

Harold looking proud and happy

Harold Miller with one of the Northern Pike caught while at Paquette's Camp, Look forward to seeing you and the rest of the family in August

Paul K and one of the Walleye caught mid June

Nice fish Paul look forward to seeing you again in August

Local Wildlife

This picture was taken while on a day excursion to a near by lake

Class trip

More of Sue's class trip, note that Sue is right in the middle of the water play

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Sue's year end class trip

Sue brought her grade 4 and 5 class out for their annual year end trip, look like a bad day for weather for the morning, but the sun came out and everyone had a great time.

One of our longest standing customers

Harold Summers now 80 years old has been coming to the camp with family and friends for 38 years. It looks like he can still catch the big ones.
We hope to see him for many years to come.

Camp update for the last week

Things have been busy here, the internet has been out but is running fine now.
I have finally finished the new siding on our house. There has been some nice fish caught this week, Joe caught an 8 pound Walleye and his brother Ken got a 20 pound Pike. I wore the young guys out by taking them to Belfour Lake yesterday, the water was high enough and we had a good trip. I was probably as tired as they were but will never admit it.

Sue's school year finally finished yeaterday and she is looking forward to having some time this summer.

Chad got an all clear on his fractured knee cap this week so he is ready to go again.

All is good here!