Sunday, January 5, 2014

Paquette's Camp Update Jan. 5th, 2014

Happy New Year,

I had hoped to have an update for Jan. 1st but winter set in with the coldest weather so far, the mornings were -40 degerees or colder and I was dealing with frozen water pipes, vehicles that would not start. I got the things at home thawed and running and then went into the local ski hill to try and get that open and had deal with frozen water there, broked snowmobiles etc. but when I drove by the local auto parts store I could see I was not the only one with issues, they had a large pile of old batterys stacked up outside where people were bringing them in to get new ones so that they could get theid vehicles running.  Ain't cold weater Great.

  We had a great Christmas season here, all the kids were here for a week, everyone dealt with the cold without complaints and we actually spent quite a bit of time outside. Everyone has gone back home now and things are getting back to normal, Sue is back to school on Mondayand I am back at the ski hill for the winter , we have had a lot of start up problems this year, but opened yeaterday and all went well.

   I am  ready to wrap up the trapping season for this winter, it has been a really slow year for fur this season and all I am doing now is burning gas for nothing right now and giving me the chance to do stupid things like putting the snowmobile thru the ice in a swampy area up to the seat in mud and water, having to walk back 3 miles and go back with the proper equiptment ot pull it out. You would think I would learn after some of the episodes last year. Guess Not!

Hoping everyone had a great Christmas and best wishes for the New Year

Paquette`s Camp

Abominal Snowman.

35 degrees below and snowblowing will do this to you!

The other End

After leaving Wangoon Lake on snowshoes and hiking thru the bush for 2 miles we reach our destination, another lake, maybe sometime we will have the time and tempertures to try our luck at catching a fish here.

Preparing the Rink

People are hard at work getting the ice skating rink ready! You have to do something to stave off the cabin fever when it is cold out.

Sunset over Wangoon Lake

Winter sunsets don't seem to be as spectacular as the summer ones or maybe you just can not stand to be out in the 40 below weather to enjoy them.

We're going where

Really do you want us to walk thru this kind of stuff for 2 miles and just turn around and come back.

That's just what Chad, Ryan and Michail-Anne did, they left about 2:30 and returned home after dark, again in 25 below weather!

Ice Fishing?

I guess you are hard up to spend time in a boat if you have to cut a jhole in the ice to get the motor in the water.  actually we are using the wash from  the prop to flood a skating rink for New Years Eve.

Of course it turns out to be 42 degrees below zero that night an the rink does not get used.

The little dog needs as Trail

This is the first time we have had a little dog, he does not handle the deep snow well. Someone was kind enough to make a path out onto the lake for him!

A hike thru the bush

Its time to break a trail thru the bush on snowshoes so that later on we can go thru with the snowmobile.  Looks like there may be lots of snow down the back of the neck and the temps are at about -25 degrees right now. Have about 2 miles to go!