Friday, November 19, 2010

Camp update November 19, 2010

I think winter is here, the lake will be frozen over by morning, there is snow on the ground and it is quite cold out.
I have finished some of my trapping and getting ready for a trip to the states for Thanksgiving, once I return there will most likley be enough ice to go out and catch a few fish.
Everything is winterized here, the plow truck is ready and all the outside work except putting up Christmas lights is done, I tell Sue that I need nasty weather to put outside lights up or it just doesn't feel right. I put a star on top of a 75ft tall spruce tree last winter and thought I would be smart and leave it up so I did not have to climb the tree again this year ( I really don't like the climb, kind of scares me). Well it backfired I ended up climbing the tree about 10 times to try to get it to light , finally took it down for repairs and put it back up. It would have only been one climb if I would have taken it down to start with. Will I take it down this year? Probably not.

I do not have all of my winter projects sorted out yet, but a few af them are putting a new ceiling in our house, building a groomer and track setter to make some cross country ski trails around our place. I will also be the opperations manager at the local ski hill this winter, which will be basically grooming the ski hill, cross country trails and running the tow lift. It will be a good thing to get me out of the house more in the winter. I also hope to be curling again this year.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone in the States


Fur Harvest

Here is more of the fur ready for shipment, I will commence more trapping after a trip to the states for Thanksgiving.

Trapping continues

At present time I have 65 Beavers, 3 Otters, 6 Mink, 12 Martin, 2 Fishers, 3 Ermin and a few Muskrats ready for shipping.

Finally light

You don't see the tree in this picture, but it is not fun to climb and after about 10 trips up it and taking the star down for repairs it is finally working.
note the building below to give you an idea of height.
Merry Christmas a little early!

Tree lighting

It is time to check out the lights in preperation for the holiday season, note the star in the top of the tree, I thought I would be smart and leave it up from last year so I did not need to climb the tree this year. Well so far I have climbed the tree about 10 times and the star still won't light.