Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Paquette's Camp update March 8th 2011

It has been a quite winter here after Christmas, I 've finished up my trapping , the last couple of weeks being quite productive, including a couple of Wolves, a Lynx, a dozen marten and a Fisher. I am finally finding some time to go fishing, and the fishing has been very good the times I have gotten out. We have been eating a lot of fish lately!

We are still suffering from lack of snow although not of cold weather. I have found it a great time to stock up on some firewood as it is easy to get around in the bush to do the cutting.

There has been lots of time on the road taking kids back and forth to school etc. and more to come. Chad will be moving to Edmonton the end of April and I am moving him there, about a 30 hr. drive one way. Once that move is done it will be time to get the camp open and ready to go, I am not ready for winter to end but sure I will be by that time.

Sue will be on spring break next week so her and I are heading to Cancun for the week to see some sunshine, even though it has been an easy winter we are looking forward to the break.

That's all for now.


It's deeper than it looks!

Yes snowmobiles can get stuck!

The only significant snowfall of the winter

It didn't take Chad long to make use of the only

good snowfall of the winter and get stuck in it, sometimes it's work to play in the snow.

Good Fishing

It took Emily and I about 40 minutes to catch plenty of fish for supp

er. There was lots of action and some nice fish!