Monday, April 9, 2012

Paquette's Camp update Apri 9th, 2012

It has been quite a spring here. We have set record warm temperatures and the ice is gone the earliest I have ever seen it go. I was even out fishing in a boat the end of March, the first time ever. I always try to fish for Walleye thru the ice on the last day of season which is April 14, guess I will have to do it in a boat this year.

March 19th, The last day I was able to safely get out on the ice!

March 22nd Emily had a kayak out on the lake playing between ice and water

March 26th Ice mostly gone

March 31st Fishing out of a boat

April 2nd Ice completely gone. ( Last year it was May 7th)

April 6th First person swimming in the lake ( I personally think my nephew was crazy)

Today April 9th, Cold wind and about 2 or 34 degrees.

It will soon be time to start getting cabins etc ready for the upcoming season, of course we never know if the weather will hold, we could still get a big snow storm. There is snow predicted for tomorrow.

Last day of ice fishing

One last trip out ice fishing while I still can, fishing was slow, but we had fish for supper!

Fur ready for market

I have the last fur from trapping ready to ship to the sale, there are Martin, Fisher and Fox in this picture.

Nice catch

Jane and David showing off their catch from their ice fishing trip, there was no ice in sight this year on March 30th!

Ice fishing trip

My sister and nephew were up on March 30th for an Ice fishing trip.
Our ice fishing turned into open water fishing, note at this time of year you should see snow in the background, no such luck this year!

March by boat

We have set record temps. for spring this year, it is the first time I have ever fished out of a boat in March. Ice is out about ane month early.