Thursday, September 30, 2010

Congratulations Ken

It only took Ken 2 days to get this nice bull moose while archery hunting at Paquette's Camp. Congratulations Ken.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Update for Sept 25th, 2010

It really feels like fall is here now, we have been getting frost at night now. the cold has given me the incentive to get a new woodshed put up. My brothers were here last week and helped me with that project, between that and fishing every day the week was quite busy, the building went well and the fishing was good. Wish I could say the same for the weather, we have had lots of rain the last few days, the water is almost to the top of the docks.

Archery moose hunters will be coming in tomorrow, hope I can have some pictures for you in a few days. I will be busy starting to get things taken care of for the winter with an expected closing date of about Oct 20th. Dosen't seem possible that the summer is over already!

It won't be long until I will be putting up pictures with snow in them , hope that it waits for a while.
It will be a long winter if it started now.

Can bears read

I think that the bear can read the sign and knows that he should not go inside, don't know wether he can read the french or the english.

Bear Problems

We have still had a few bear problems this week , one tried to come into our porch on the weekend, but he has not gone into the trap. All has been quiet the last few days so mabye he has wandered off.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Paquette's Camp update Sept 12, 2010 Week of the Bear

Well we have a few bear stories for you this week, first I would like to congratulate Bill on his successful bear hunt. Bill hunted about 1/2 hour the first day of his hunt and got a nice 200 pound male bear. The bear stories do continue from there though. As usual when I go fishing with Dave we leave his wheelchair on shore, This day was no exception, we went out on the lake, it was cold and a little rainy but we did well with the fish. When we returned to shore I could see Dave's chair sitting upside down with the wheels all straight up, I was sure that I knew the reason why too! I went up to look at the chair only to see that it had been chewed up by a bear and that the bear had left with the seat cusion as well. After some looking I found the cushion with big holes chewed into it , the bear had left his mark. What they find interesting about something like a wheelchair I don't know, but Dave will be looking over his shoulder from now on when in Bear country. It could have been worse Dave could have been in the chair, at least it gives him good stories.

That night was the final bear story, we had just gone to bed and Sue looked out the window when she walked by it only to see a bear at our bedroom window. We chased it off a couple of times then went to sleep. We must not have done a very good job of scaring it off because it was back sometime during the night. In the morning we could see paw prints on the siding where it was looking into some of our windows. You may ask, "Where were the dogs while this was happening,"? Well they were treated so good by the people in cabin 1 that they were there sleeping instead of at home guarding our place.

Of course there are other stories , Jim had his line snapped by a big fish only to catch the same fish about 1/2 hour later and get his lure back. Of course there is no photographic evidence to prove it , but that is the story. I was there as a witness. (Big head skinny body right Deb)

It was truely nice to have Jim and Deb here and it was really neat that they brought Jim's sisters Joan and Diane and Joan's husband Jim with them so that they could see where there late father Martin DeBoer came for many years. We all miss Mart (Ace) but it is plain to see that there is a part of him still alive in his children. It even looks like he taught them to fish and mabye even to tell a few fish stories!

Can't wait for the stories to start this week

Paquette's Camp

Watch out for the BEARS

Dave will be looking over his shoulder from now on. Dave left his wheelchair on shore while fishing and when he came back he found that a bear had chewed his chair up. He said that the cusion is under warranty for leaks, guess we will find out if that covers bear attacks!

Bills Bear

Bill shows off his nice 200 pound Black Bear, he shot his bear within the first 1/2 hour of his hunt. Lots of time for fishing now. Congratulations Bill!

Not a bad day

Bill does a little fishing after having a successful bear hunt. Looks like he was successful at that too!

Lunch time

Jim and Deb enjoy lunch at one of the local lakes, if you can think of a nicer place for lunch I'd like to know!

Jim gets in on the action

Jim just can't let his sisters catch all the fish. Nice fish Jim, must be Deb brought the camera this time.

And away we go

Jim and his sisters ore out to see the lake and mabye catch a fish.

Ist day out

Cold rainy day but the Small Mouth were biting.

Fishing is hard work

Catching all those fish tired me out, but I'll be ready to go again after lunch

Nice Walleye's girls

Joan and Diane finally worked together and had great results.

Joan takes a turn.

Finally it's my turn, take that Diane!

Getting tired yet

Diane with another one, you know you could save some of them for the rest of us.

And another big fish

The fishing was slow today, but the quality was good! This one followed up a smaller fish that Joan caught so her sister Diane cast out and caught it for her.

Have you hugged your fish today

Diane took time to hug her fish, I guess if I caught one that big I may hug it too!