Saturday, December 29, 2012

Merry christmas

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year from all of us at Paquette's Camp

Bird Feeder Guest

When I opened the bird feeder to fill it the  other day, there were 2 Flying Squirrels sitting in the bottom of it. They may have thought that they went to heaven, food and shelter both in one place and protection from the cats.  Our bird feeders often double as cat feeders.

When things go wrong

This train car flipped on its side just down the tracks from the camp. Lucky it was the only car to go off the tracks, it was right in the middle of the train so there was part of the train on each end of the car when it went off.  They were slowing down to stop or it probably would have been worse.

It was a car hauler, too bad it was empty mabye I could have gotten a new vehicle!

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Paquette's Camp update Dec 2nd 2012

Winter is about to set in , although it does not feel like it today with temps. above freezing and the same for the next couple of days. I am hoping that it will stay winter then, we have had a few false starts so far.

 I  have been busy the last couple of weeks getting my fur ready for shippment, the first shippment is ready. Once winter has really set in and the lakes are good to take the snowmobile on I will start trapping again and of course ice fishing. I hoped to go today but checked the ice yeaterday, might not fall through, but then again I might. I was in the cold water up to my waist once this fall already, I got out of the boat while I was trapping and guess I did not put the anchor out on the boat and looked back and it was floating away. I had to go into the water about waist deep and just was able to get ahold of the boat, the next step would of been over my head. If I would not have been able to get it back I would have been spending the night  in the bush wet and in freezing temps. The worst part is if I did not come back that night Sue would have sent search and rescue out for me and the first thing they would have found is an empty boat floating around Windemere lake. It would have been worse for everyone looking for  me than myself, I would have been sitting beside a fire, of course I would have been there  for at least a day by that time.  You can bet everytime I got out of the boat after that I put the anchor out.

We have been cutting firewood again, which seems to be a never ending job, the other day there were fires going in 5 different buildings which seems to use a lot of wood. the cutting is good right now because there is not much snow yet.  I have the snowmobiles ready for when it comes though.

I was in the states for Thanksgiving there ( it is in October here) and enjoyed seeing most of my family and of course eating way too much. I also enjoyed filling the vehicle up with your cheap gas!
Yes I said CHEAP, it is about 5.50 per gallon here.

I have been working at the local ski hill the last couple of winters and need to get in there and get a few things done there so that when there is enough snow it will be ready to open. I am sure that kids are biting at the bit for it to be open, that will keep me busy about 30 hrs per week once open.

Hope that everyone there is ready for winter and can get out  and enjoy it.

Paquette's Camp

Pay off time

It is time to ship this fur to the fur auction, and see if all my time and effort has paid off, hope that this shippment will bring an excess of 3500.00.

Lynx ready to go

These Lynx are ready to ship, I have a few others as well.


For those of you who do not know what a Fisher looks like , here is what they look like ready to market.

Marten furs

These are some of the Marten ready to ship, the forcast is that the prices should be good for them this year.

Ready for Shipping

Ths is what a beaver looks like after is is skinned and dried, it is now ready to ship to the fur auction.

Almost Ice

The ice is slowly creeping across Wangoon Lake, shouldn't be long before I can be ice fishing!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Paquette's Camp update Oct. 31, 2012

Oct. 31,2012

I have been closed for a couple of weeks now and have most things ready for winter, and it is a good thing there is about 3 inches of snow on the ground right now and it is cold and windy.

The rifle Moose hunters went home with just a calf moose this fall , and Sue is still looking for her cow. We hope that with the change of weather that we may get    it this weekend.

I started trapping about 2 weeks ago, to date I  have harvested  50 beavers  1 Otter , 8 Marten 1 Lynx and a few other assorted animals. I have been mostly setting traps by boat , but that is coming to an end very quickly with the lakes about to freeze over.  I will not miss being out in a boat all day on days like today with temps below freezing and windy with snow.

Last week there was a big rain storm in Wawa and highway 17 the main highway across the county washed out both north and south of the city taking part of a car dealership and a motel with it, thankfully we did not get that much rain in Chapleau.  The Lake did go up about 6 inches overnight though. They have reopend the highway today, good thing as I have to go to Wawa tomorrow.

Hope everyone is doing well and ready for winter,

Happy Halloween


This is some of the the animals that I harvested today on the trapline, will not get out on the lake much longer, likley be frozen over on the weekend!

A pair of Ermine

A nice pair of Ermine, more commonly known as Weasels, they turn white in the winter from their brown coat the rest of the year. Of course they usually are not laying on top of a Lynx!

Marten comparison

The Marten on the bottom is a very off color as to what they normally are the top one is the more regular color. It is probably the most unusual colored one I hav ever caught.

Unusual Color

This Marten is a very bright Orange, the normal color should be much darker. It made me look twice to be sure what was in the trap.

A day on the trapline

It was a cold miserable day to go out and check traps today, but the catch was good, there are 6 Marten, 2 Ermine, 1 Mink and 1 Lynx in this picture.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Paquette's Camp update Oct. 10, 2012

The seasons are changing, actually this picture is a couple weeks ago, we have had a couple of light dustings of snow since.

It is almost time to wrap up another season, this season brought plenty of good fishing, the Bear hunt went very well with Darrell harvesting the largest Bear at about 250 pounds, (sorry no pictures somehow lost them from my camera).  The archery Moose hunt showed no Moose harvested, but quite a few Moose seen. Although everyone was tired from the  hunt when they left I beleive everyone enjoyed the hunt.  The rifle hunt for Moose is in progress now, the group shot a calf Moose  yesterday and are now looking for a Bull and a Cow, good luck boys!

The summer has brought many projects such as a larger office, a new deck on it as well.  Many gallons of paint have been applied. Emily has put up a dog kennel and started boarding dogs for people with her first customers last week. Numerous smaller repairs to cabins etc have also been accomplished.
I am trying to get the rest of  my projects wrapped up before winter sets in , hope to finish putting new windows and doors in one of the cabins today. Emily will be here for the winter and her cabin needs to be winterised, the majority of the work is done with the bathroom still needing to be finished. The boats and motors are all put away for the winter, except for 1 which I will use right up to freeze up. I will need to get the water drained for the winter or I will have frozen water by the end of the week.

It is also time to start planning projects for next year and we will be meeting to start those plans soon.

I will be into the trapping season next week and need to get everything around for that so that I can spend some cold days out in the boat.

I also hope to make a trip to the states to visit family and friends the end of November.

Wishing everyone well

Paquette's Camp

Ryan with a Northern

My stepson Ryan shows off supper on a recent trip to Paquette's Camp, although his girlfriend Michael- Anne will catch the biggest one of the day.

The whole group

I am surrounded by my sisters, they will be leaving tomorrow and 2 of my brothers will be arriving then, can't imagine that I can have any more fun with them then I did the past few days.

Behind the Sign

You can get some silly pictures when the siblings get together, I had a great time while my sisters were visiting, hope it happens again soon.


We has a little better weather fishing with my sisters Connie and Jane than the day before With Carol and Geri, the fish even bit better with the biggest one that day about 15 pounds, (not in picture it is still in the lake) so that someone else can have the fun of catching it!

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A visit from my sisters

I recently had a visit from all 4 of my sisters, Geri, Carol and I went fishing the first day, the weather was about 40 degrees and raining but we managed to get enough for supper before the weather got the best of us.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Who says womem can't fish

Looks like a pretty happy fisherwoman to me!

What a day

It doesn't get much calmer than this, a far cry from the wind in the next couple of days.

Scott showing off

Scott with a nice Small Mouth Bass, although he did not win the Bass contest with it that day!

Good Fish

Lewie catches the biggest fish of the day!

Storm Brewing

We are about to get hit with a big thunderstorm, time to get off the water!

Warm September Day

Joan couldn't resist getting her feet wet to cool off on this warm September day. When she was not cooling off she was catching fish.

Net full of Walleye

This Walleye filled the net up well, it was one of several that size that Jimn and Lewie caught durning a day of fishing!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Kayak Fishing

Zack caught this Northern Pike while fishing from a kayak, what a fun way to fish. Too bad Dad didn't have as much luck.

Wangoon Wildlife

The Beavers seem to be getting ready for winter, cutting and storing food. Let's hope winter is still a ways off and the Beavers don't know what they are doing.

Zack, with the Fish of a Lifetime

On a recent trip to Paquette's Camp with his family Zack caught this 42 inch 20lb Northeren Pike while fishing one of the many lakes in the area. Uncle Steve did a great job of landing the fish for him without a net in the boat.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Dave and Amo enjoy another trip to Paquette's Camp

Sunset over Wangoon Lake

What a veiw to end the day!

First Walleye

Brian catches a nice Walleye considering that it is his first time Walleye fishing!

Another nice Walleye

Dave with one of his many Walleyes from a recent days fishing!

Time for a Break

It is always nice to take a break from sitting in the boat, and this looks like a good spot to do it!

I love it

David thought he had a nice Walleye on the line only to find out that there are Suckers here too!
Guess the only thing to do is kiss it for luck.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Another nice nice Wanngoon Small Mouth

Someone looks happy with their nice Small Mouth caught on their first trip to Wangoon Lake

The fight

Don't know who is fighting the fish or who will win, but the battle is on!

Shawn and a big Walleye

While fishing one of the lakes surrounding Paquette's Camp Shawn caught and released this nice Walleye!
Justin is coming in off the lake after a successful day of Walleye fishing. Kari taking the picture helped him with the catching part.
Don't know if Kari and Justin are showing off their fish or celebrating with a beer!

Kari's Fish

You would be led to believe that John caught this nice Small Mouth Bass, actually it was his daughter Kari that caught it on Wangoon Lake!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Jeff's first trip to Paquette's Camp

Jeff looks happy with one of the many fish he caught on his first trip to Paquette's Camp!

Fish Fry

Everyone is enjoying a fish fry at Paquette's Camp, especially Charlie who is smiling for the camera!

Days Catch

Mike and Harold come in with the days catch, don't pay any attention to the date on the picture, there has been camera problems this week!

Boat Ride

Harold, Dave and Charlie are out for a boat ride on Wangoon Lake, looks like everyone is enjoying it!

Charlie's First fish

Charlie catches his first fish in Canada, hopefully he will be back for many more!

Monday, July 16, 2012

Tom with a nice fish for supper

Looks like Tom will eat tonight, not sure about the rest of the group!

We're going where

Harold Summers group went on a trip into the Chapleau Crown Game Preserve. The road is getting a bit narrow, but they know that there is some good fishing at the end of it!

Greg and his Small Mouth Bass

Greg has not been to Paquette's Camp for a few years, but it looks like he has not forgot how to fish!