Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Paquette's Camp update Nov. 13, 2013

Fall has been very wet, the rain has not stopped of course until it turned to snow. but it is supposeed to turn back to rain the next couple of days.  It has been one of the wettest falls I remember, the water is everywhere and all the lakes and streams are full. It hias been difficult to get anything done outside. The Lake was partially frozen over this morning and winter is close at hand.

    Trapping has been slow this year, possibly the wet cold spring has decreased the number of animals in the bush, I am getting plenty of Beavers and the Lynx population looks good, but the smaller animal numbers seem to be down. I am sort of between trapping from the boat and waiting for things to freeze up so I can get on the lakes with the snowmobile. I went out last weekend to look at a couple of traps on a small lake and had a very hard time getting the boat thru the ice, I sheared t 2 pins on the prop. and made sure I pulled the traps out  because it is the last time I can get to them until the ice is good.

     I am ready for winter to set in I think I would rather see the snow now than more rain, like I said there is water everywhere , looks like spring levels right now. Of course if all the rain turns to snow it could be a hell of a winter, but the snow plow and snowblower are ready and the wood shed is full.
I would say think spring but I want to enjoy the winter.

Think Winter.


A mix of rain and snow.


We have a mix of rain and snow today, makes for a sloppy mess.

The Ice is coming

You can see the ice about 1/2 way across the lake, I know that the water is cold as I fell into a Beaver pond a while ago while trying to get a trap out of the ice, at least the water was only a couple of feet deep.

Mink and Marten

I have a few Mink and Marten to take care of this morning, If prices hold where they were last year these should bring about 900.00

A little fur

I have been spending the week in my workshop preparing fur for an upcoming sale.  Trapping has been slow this year, I have gotten 46 Beavers, 2 Otters , 1 Lynx, 5 Marten 5 Mink and a few Muskrats.  Waiting for the lakes to freeze up and then I will set some more traps.

Almost Ice

Nov. 12th and I watched as the ice came across the lake, by evening it was totally frozen, supposed to be warmer the next few days and may open back up.

Winter is here

Looks like winter is here, and if it is starting now it may be a long one.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Paquette's Camp update Oct. 7th, 2013

Well the season here is about over.  The final group for the year is here right now. I closed down 2 of the cabins yeserday. I want ot stay ahead of the cold weather so I do not end up with frozen pipes, althouth the fall weather has been warmer than quite a bit of the summer. it does look like a fall  day here this morning, cold foggy and not sure wether it is a misty rain or a few snow flakes in the air.

  It has been a good summer, we have been happy to see old and new groups as they arrive and would like to thank everyone for helping to make it another successful year. I would also like to thank everyone for the pictures that they have given me , it helps keep this blog site possible. Also could not have made it through the season without all the help and support from Sue, Emily and Christine.

  Of course I am not finished with projects yet, but they will get done, I have been getting my trapping supplies ready for the upcoming season the last few days instead of the projects around the camp. I hope to stre trapping around the 15th of Oct. right after Thanksgiving, yes Thanksgiving is at a different time here than the states.

Hopefully I will not have pictures of snow and ice too soon, but I know it is on its way ready or not.

Have a good winter , will keep you posted through out!

Paquette's Camp

The latest in fish finders

This is the new Champ fish finder, by the looks of the fish Kevin and his family have been catching the new style fish finder woorks very good!


Kevin and his family caught this nice Pair of Small Mouth Bass while at Paquette's Camp, they have both been released back into Wangoon Lake.  Thanks for practising catch and release guys.

Moose Hunters 2013

Brent and the guys get their annual group picture in front of a local trappers cabin. Not sure if this is before or after they got their Moose, don't see any blood on their clothes.

On its way OUT

Well the Moose has been cut into pieces and is now ready to get to the truck, all the work begins once the Moose is on the ground.

Nice Shot

Brent took this nice Bull at about 40 yards with his bow! Congratulations Brent.

Sucessful Moose Hunt

Landon shows off his uncle's Moose while on a Moose Hunt at Paquette's Camp, Nice Moose Brent.
Now  comes the work , getting it back home.

Monday, September 16, 2013

Big Smallmouth

Drew caught and released this nice Smallmouthe Bass while fishing at Paquette's Camp, Nice fish Drew!

Nice way to top off the week

Jim Tops off his week at Paquette's Camp with this nice 39 1/2 inch Northern Pike!

Nice Bear

It may not look very manly sitting in the flowers, but Shane is happy with his first bear.

Shane's First Bear

Shane got  this nice 225 pound bear on the 2nd day of his hunt at Paquette's Camp. Of course Dan got his bear on the 1st day,sorry no pictures werej gotten of that one.

Congratulations Shane and Dan.

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Paquette's Camp Update Sept. 1, 2013

The weather has been all over the map the middle of Aug. we had the heat on in all the cabins and this past week it was close to 90 for a few days.  It has been a very wet summer over all, but at least it isn't snow. That will be coming soon enough.

It does not seem possible that fall is almost here already. I will have my first group of Bear hunters here in a couple of hours, I would expect that by tomorrow night a couple of them should have their Bears! It has been a lot of work getting the bears to the baits  with all the blueberries this year.  There are more berries  this year than there has been for a long time. I will keep you posted on the hunters results.

The groups of Moose hunters will be here starting the middle of Sept. hopefully I will have some pictures of nice moose shortly afterword.

Thefishing has been good overall the past few weeks, Jim even caught the biggest Pike of his life the other day, 39 and 1/2 inches, congratulations Jim mabye next year you can go for a bigger one. The Walleye fishing has remained steady , no one has had problem having enough fish for supper!

Theprojects have been getting done over the summer, I almost feel caught up but not quite. I finished my last roof the other day before it started raining and it didn't even leak when I was done. I still have one cabin redo the siding , facia and soffit and then most of the major projects will be caught up.

Sue will be going back to school next week, Chad left for Hamilton yeaterday and will be going to the university there, it is about 10 hrs from here so we will not be seeing much of him for a while.
It will seem quiet here with them gone every day.  I guess fall is here. about a month and we will have wrapped up another year.

Paquette's Camp

Friday, August 30, 2013

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End of August Blog Pics

Beautiful day for a boat ride!

Rule of fishing: always make the smallest person carry the largest load. It's more amusing that way.

Nice fish!

Bald Eagle surveying the scenery

Great catch....where's the lake?!

Some intense-looking Beersbee is happening here...

The green giant gets you where you need to go.

Somebody's having supper tonight!

Good pic of a couple of moose on the run

Didn't your parents ever teach you not to stand up in a canoe?!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Catch of the Day

Look at the size of that one, guess they can not all get away! Nice catch Denny!


Another nice fish caught by Renae while fishing at Paquette's Camp, does anyone but me know the location by the picture.

Just Because

Put this picture in just beacause puppies are cute, this is Leo our new camp dog!

Harold and Renae with a nice Northern Pike

Look at the girth on that one, what a fat fish, not sure wether it was father or daughter that caught it!

Monday, August 12, 2013

The boys are ready to fish

Looks like these guys are ready to go and try their luck at fishing!

Biggggg Fish

It was a slow day fishing, but after Missy caught her first fish of the day it couldn't possibly be a bad day.  Of course she had the biggest fish of the week, and the biggest Pike to date of the family!

Beautiful ending

What a way to end a perfect day on Wangoon Lake!

Dave's Walleye

Not to be outdone Dave shows off a nice Walleye, of course he was using Shelly's lure to catch it.

Shelly's turn again

Shelly catches the biggest Pike as well as the biggest Walleye of the day!