Friday, December 24, 2010

Camp update Dec. 24th 2010

Winter is here, everything is frozen up, the snowmobiles are out, the ice auger is ready, and we are ready!
Things are pretty quiet here right now, Chad put a skating rink in the other day, I have groomed cross country ski trails around the lake, and we have even been doing some ice fishing. Everyone is off for the holidays now, Sue finsihed Wensday, Emily came home from school on this past Friday, we are ready for a family Christmas.
We hope to spend our Christmas day out on Brusaw Lake fishing and cross country skiing, the weather is supposed to be mildand the sun should be shining, can not think of a better way to spend Christmas day.

We have already had our Christmas miracle, our neighbor Cristine's cat had been missing for a while, we assumed that a fox or wolf may have gotten it. When Emily came home for the holidays we put the heat on in cabin 1 for her, the first night when she went there at about 11:30 she heard meowing under the floor and came and got me. There is a hole under the side of the cabin where the cat had gotten under. Well when Chad did the snowplowing the hole got covered up and trapped the cat. In total the cat was trapped under the cabin for 22 days without food or water, he came out pretty thin but is alive and well.
If Emily was not here for Christmas the cabin would not have been used until spring!

Hope you all have good stories for Christmas,

Merry Christmas!

Paquette's Camp

Cats and Dogs

This is our Christmas version of the Lambs lying down with the Lions, it is the Cats lying down with the Dogs.

Lonley Boats

The boats are feeling a bit useless right now, but they better get used to it, it is a long time until spring!

Winter Scene

This is looking out our window on Christmas Eve morning, winter is here but we could use more snow.

Winter fishing Canadian style

This is the type of tip up we use for winter fishing here. The line is tied to the tree branch, when the branch starts to bounce up and down you are getting a bite. We were not getting many bites today but could not beat the day.