Saturday, April 9, 2011

Paquette's Camp update April 9th 2011

We are starting to get nicer weather here, some of the spring birds are starting ot arrive, the Eagles are back, as well as the Crows, I have even seen a Robin. With there still being 2 feet of ice and not any open water for the Eagles to fish I have been taking them fish most mornings, it doesn't take them long to learn that the sound of the snowmobile means feeding time, they are usually on their way down at the sound of it approaching. I am starting to think about spring with about 6 weeks until I will be open again, I have several projects lined up as well as the general spring opening things. It is 50 degrees f. today and makes it feel like I should be able to get out and start on some things , but realistically there is still too much snow , ice and cold to get too much done. The Walleye season is open here until April 14th and I hope to fish most evenings between now and then, there will not be a problem having enough ice to get out on until closing this year, at this time last year the ice was gone. I hope that everyone is enjoying the feel of spring in the air and I look forward to starting to see some of you soon. Lewis

Looking for a meal

The Eagle is flying over to see if I have left it any food on the ice. It usually flies down when it hears the snowmobile coming.

The Eagles are back!

It must be getting closer to spring, the Eagles came back a fewe days ago and I have been taking fish carcasses out to them every morning.

If the fish aren't biting you might as well get a nap in.

The fish decided to take a nap, so Jane thought she would make use of the nice sunny day and catch a nap as well.

Jane catches her fish.

Looks like the fish are biting good enough to to feed us tonight.
Hope they will continue biting.

Looks like the fish are biting.

Looks can be deceiving, after 3 fish in the first 10 minutes we thought we were in for a lot of action today. They were the last fish we caught that day.

Campfire in the making.

It's a nice day, we don't really need the fire for the warmth, but nothing beats sitting around a fire while watching the fishing lines. This tree should last all day.

Campfire in the making.

Campfire in the making.

Hope that something bites.

David spends some time jigging his line in hopes of attracting a fish.

Nice Bass thu the ice.

David had to wait until almost dark for this Small mouth, but it was the biggest fish of the night and worth the wait.

Time to call it a day.

What a way to end a perfect day of fishing, the fish did not bite too well but it was a beautiful day!