Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Paquette's Camp update June 26th, 2012

Summer is offically started and it feels like it, temperatures are supposed to be around 90 degrees for the rest of the week, not the best weather for fishing but great weather for everything else.

The fishing has been good the last couple of weeks and should get better as we get through this high pressure system and back to cooler days. I expect to see people in the lake swimming quite a bit the rest of the week

The new deck is on the office, now you can have a comfortable place to sit with internet access.
The addition to the back of it is a work in progress and will get finished as time permits.

Only 3 days of school left  and Sue is looking forward to the last day, makes her a bit jealous when she sees the people here from the states that have been out since the begining of June.

There  was a Moose spotted in the front yard of cabin 6 the other day and the next day it was seen swimming from the island back to shore. There have also been Bears in the area but our dogs are great for keeping them out of the camp,we  have not had any instances of them here bothering anything.

Paquette's Camp

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